Jim Pascarella was born to be Santa!

Ever since he was a little boy – the lights, the decorations, the baking, the presents, and especially Santa, have always resided in a special place in his heart.

Jim has worked as a professional actor for the last 38 years at most of San Diego’s theaters. He is a dad to three grown children, loves to travel with his wife of 49 years, and loves eating (especially Italian!).

Jim has been Santa of San Diego for the past 14 years, working at military bases, private homes, family parties, schools and daycares, country clubs, and businesses, bringing special attention and humor to every person he asks, “So what do you want Santa to bring you on Christmas?”

Jim is sensitive to the needs of every kind of child (and adult), and is 100% committed to everyone having a good experience and a fun, and memorable time. His philosophy is simple: “I treat you and your family like you’re my family."

Jim is honored to have several families who have asked him to be their Santa year after year – some for 10 years.

“I love being Santa. My goal is to provide an experience for you and your loved ones that won’t be forgotten. I’d love to be part of your Christmas family.”
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